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About KKBoutiqueCo.

KKBoutiqueCo is committed to serving our customers high quality, luxurious, and all-natural skin and bath products. Our products are carefully handcrafted and are made to order, which means they are made fresh just for you! Our products are made with natural ingredients of the highest quality and organically sourced wherever possible. KKBoutiqueCo strives to promote self-care, relaxation, and loving the skin you’re in using simple, herbal ingredients.

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About The Owner

Karthika Sivaloganathan

KKBoutiqueCo was born several years into my long infertility journey. In an effort to maximize my chances of successfully conceiving, I gradually adopted healthier choices in what I was consuming and ingesting into my body. As I researched ways to do this, I found that there were three common themes which included regular exercise, consuming organic foods and reducing the use of products on my skin containing harsh chemicals, parabens and toxins. I experimented with various recipes that resulted in a line of homemade products that did wonders on my face and body and changed the way I felt about myself, both inside and out. I began sharing this self-care experience with family and friends, who encouraged me to launch what is now known as KKBoutiqueCo... and the rest is history!

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At KK Boutique Co we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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